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Today's Technological Innovation Achieves Tomorrow's Glory
  • Talent
    Timely explore the demand for talents at all levels of the enterprise, classify and summarize them, and connect them with middle and high schools to assist the enterprise in identifying the most needed and suitable talents.
  • Scientific Innovative
    Based on the needs of enterprises and the achievements of universities, timely updates are made on the platform, and peer-to-peer communication is carried out through membership.
  • Policy
    Pay timely attention to the international cutting-edge achievements in new energy, new materials, and related devices and applications both domestically and internationally.
  • Communication
    Invite foreign scholars to come to China for exchange, and conduct point-to-point visits and exchanges with local enterprises through various forms such as holding conferences, salons, and seminars. Since its establishment, the platform has received 5 scholars from different international universities and institutions such as the United States, Canada, and Pakistan.